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The model 500 is ideally suited for outdoor sweeping applications such as transport, joinery, recycling, and plant hire. The 500 is extremely effective at sweeping fine dust, nails, broken brick and timber.

  • Collects as it sweeps.
  • Quick and easy method of attachment.
  • Robust, compact design.
  • Permanently on site ready for instant use.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
  • Hydraulic Operation or Power Pack Option
  • Option of Tractor A Frame as well as Fork mounted – Multi purpose machine.
  • Gravity or Power Water System
  • Option of Side kerb brush: left / right or both.

The new model MS300 is now available. Just launched for skid steer machines, the MS300 is available in two sizes, a 1.4 and a 1.6 meter wide sweep.It comes with an optional  power water system and side broom. The MS300 can or reverse mode, and have a dust control skirting as standard.

Bobcat sweeper, New Holland Sweeper, skid steer sweeper

Cat Nordic are the new Swedish dealers for MultiSweep. This new venture was launched at the recent Maskin Expo held in Stockholm. Having already received several orders from the show, it looks like Sweden has quickly taken to the MultiSweep products. For more you can visit them at www.catnordic.se

We are delighted to announce our newest dealer for MultiSweep attachments, MacQuip in Beire.  MacQuip have taken on the agency and have machine and spare parts stock available for Mozambique and surrounding areas. The contact there is Alta be Beer, altad@macquipmoz.com

We wish Alta and her teal all the best with MultiSweep.

The MultiSweep 725 at work in a steel plant in South Korea. One of many machines sold by our new dealer in Jason S Jung in Korea, where there is a big market for heavy equipment cleaners. The Multi Sweep is able to cope with heavy debris and dust, and is ideal for many industries here, says Jason, who has just received his first shipment of MultiSweep s.

Machine being used on the Island of Jersey Channel Island in a reclamation site run by the Jersey State government. The machine “works a treat”according to Adrian Passman Charge Hand at La Collette Reclamation site.

On site the model 900 could be powered by their Volvo L50, or a JCB Tele handler.  The model 900 was chosen over the competition for it collection capacity of 900 litres as the site manages a large volume of green waste and also facilitates public access.  We wish Adrian and all his team many happy years of sweeping.

The latest model 725 to be sold in Canada was to the lumber company Richmond Plywood. They wanted to use the new 725 pick up sweeper on a large lift truck, that has 10″ fork blades. We manufactured a special build machine here in Cork for them, and we are delighted to now offer this as an option to anyone who has the larger blades. Richmond Plywood are delighted with their new attachment, and and have since highly recommended the machine for other similar companies.

A short clip from the clean up after a monster truck show in Florida recently.  This is the Multi Sweep 725, attached to a  skid steer, and as you can see, coping with a lot of debris. One thing to notice is the amount of dust being raised, it is little or none. The is mainly due to the highly durable dust apron that is standard on all Multi Sweep models. This apron encapsulates the dust internally, allowing for dust free sweeping.

Monster 725 – Click Here

One of 4 MultiSweep model 725 working in Trinidad West Indies, Best Crete which is part of AnsaMcal Group of Companies. They operate many industries on the island which produce concrete product and related building materials. The Multisweep’s are used to keep the large scale concrete facilities in top tip shape and are kept so busy that they always have one machine on standby while a brush is being serviced.

Shamrock Handling Concepts Pty have just supplied their first Multi Sweep model 270 to South African glass producer and recycler Consol Glass. The machine will be used in the Glass recycling facility in Clayville Gauteng where it will be put through its paces sweeping between the different grades of broken glass. The site offers a challenge to the multisweep which will sweep up the broken glass pieces all around the recycling bays and sorting areas. The model 270 was chosen due to its size in being able to access areas under conveyors and more restricted passage ways which are used to access different areas of the plant.

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