Sweepers in Action

The new model MS300 is now available. Just launched for skid steer machines, the MS300 is available in two sizes, a 1.4 and a 1.6 meter wide sweep.It comes with an optional  power water system and side broom. The MS300 can or reverse mode, and have a dust control skirting as standard.

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The ESB power generating station in Moneypoint have saves thousands on their sweeping bill, by taking delivery of the New RT800 tractor mounted sweeper from Multi Sweep. This new giant of a machine has been brought in to sweep coal, and coal dust, and with its massive water dust control tanks and its 2.4 meter sweeping width, it is doing it with ease.

The RT 800 is Multi Sweeps latest sweeping solution, and is already proving to be very popular, as it now comes with the option of a 3000 psi high pressure washer and lance. This allows for the machine to become a mobile power washer and sweeper in one.

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