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The new model MS300 is now available. Just launched for skid steer machines, the MS300 is available in two sizes, a 1.4 and a 1.6 meter wide sweep.It comes with an optional  power water system and side broom. The MS300 can or reverse mode, and have a dust control skirting as standard.

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Shamrock Handling Concepts Pty have just supplied their first Multi Sweep model 270 to South African glass producer and recycler Consol Glass. The machine will be used in the Glass recycling facility in Clayville Gauteng where it will be put through its paces sweeping between the different grades of broken glass. The site offers a challenge to the multisweep which will sweep up the broken glass pieces all around the recycling bays and sorting areas. The model 270 was chosen due to its size in being able to access areas under conveyors and more restricted passage ways which are used to access different areas of the plant.

The multi Sweep demonstration road show will commence on the 17th of January through to the 22nd taking in Johannesburg and Durban. Michael Fitzgerald together with Marius Schutte from Shamrock Handling (Pte) Ltd will present the multi sweep to a wide range of companies who have expressed interest in seeing the sweepers in action.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration contact Michael Fitzgerald ( sales@multisweep.com ) now for details.

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