Sweepers in Action

The new model MS300 is now available. Just launched for skid steer machines, the MS300 is available in two sizes, a 1.4 and a 1.6 meter wide sweep.It comes with an optional  power water system and side broom. The MS300 can or reverse mode, and have a dust control skirting as standard.

Bobcat sweeper, New Holland Sweeper, skid steer sweeper

A short clip from the clean up after a monster truck show in Florida recently.  This is the Multi Sweep 725, attached to a  skid steer, and as you can see, coping with a lot of debris. One thing to notice is the amount of dust being raised, it is little or none. The is mainly due to the highly durable dust apron that is standard on all Multi Sweep models. This apron encapsulates the dust internally, allowing for dust free sweeping.

Monster 725 – Click Here

Read’s Fork lifts have taken delivery of their first container.

Read’s Forklift has been in business since 1981. Beginning with one location in Live Oak, Florida, they have grown to 3 locations, 2 in Florida and 1 in south Georgia. Their commitment to their customers is second to none, providing a 24/7 service, backed up by fully trained and certified technicians.

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