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There is more and more pressure being put on companies today to maintain a dust-free working environment. The Department of Environmental Protection and Health & Safety Authorities are becoming more stringent with what they regard as an acceptable working environment. If these standards are not maintained, then very large fines and penalties are often the outcome. As a result of extensive work with dust related industries, we have engaged our in-house Dust Control Department to assist with the on going problem. We looked at the standards set by The Department of Environmental Protection and used these regulation as a benchmark for the MultiSweep

Thankfully, we have found a solution!

The MultiSweep Dust Control Systems are designed to create a sweeping environment where Maximum sweeping is achieved with Minimal dust created.

This is unique to the MultiSweep range of sweeper collectors and is available in two systems;

1. Electric/ Power Dust Control

This extremely effective method is achieved as follows;

  • Multiple water jets focus pressurized water on the area that is to be swept. This then creates a form of “blanket” ensuring that maximum dust control is achieved.
  • To further assist with dust control all MultiSweep’s are fitted with a flexible skirting or apron which creates a seal between the foot of the MultiSweep and the ground being swept.
  • This significantly reduces the airborne dust particles that effect fugitive dust emissions.
  • With this system up to 1 hour of dust free sweeping can be achieved before the water tanks need to be refilled.

2. Gravity Dust Control System

Water is allowed to drip, via gravity feed, from the front of the MultiSweep which dampens the ground before the area is swept. What remaining dust is raised is then controlled by our Dust Control Skirting. Here a flexible skirting/apron creates a seal between the foot of the MultiSweep and the area being swept thus largely keeping dust within the structure of the MultiSweep.

Customized Solutions
Our in-house Dust Control Specialists have a solution to all your fugitive dust problems (not just associated with sweeping). No matter how large or out of control your dust problem may be, we will find a solution!

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