500 – Compact Yard Sweeper 

Fork mounted sweeper

Innovative MultiSweep 500

  • NEW 2.2M width
  • NEW Broom Adjuster Handle
  • NEW Larger Debris Container
  • Collects as it sweeps.
  • Quick and easy method of attachment.
  • Robust, compact design.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud or general debris.
  • Hydraulic Operation or Power Pack operated Option
  • Option of using a Tractor A Frame as well as a Fork mounted – Multi purpose machine.
  • Gravity water system or Power water system
  • Option of Side kerb brush: left / right or both.


This innovative Multi purpose forklift mounted sweeper collector has a range of new featurs. It has an increased sweeping width of 2.2m (7.2ft) covering the width of material handlers and tractors. It has an innovative  unique system for broom adjustment, whereby the broom can be adjusted manually with a lever on top of the machine. This eliminates the need for any tools to adjust the broom.

The Multisweep 500 is extremely effective at sweeping tougher outside applications. It can be powered by a forklift, loader or tractor. Alternatively the 500 can be powered by an independent diesel or petrol power pack. 

Often used as a road sweeper the Multi Sweep 500 attaches using the forks on a loader or forklift or by using the 3 point linkage on a tractor. Quick hitch plates are also  available for telescopic forklifts and skidsteers. The Multisweep 500 uses a floating main broom, which allows the brush to follow the contours of the ground, giving a greater brush life span.

Features of the Multi Sweep 500


  • NEW 2.2M width: A new wider sweeping range enables the Multi Sweep to clean the width of most Material handling equipment, such as loaders, telehandlers, tractors etc. This gives the added advantage of all four wheels of the material handler travelling on clean ground.


  • NEW Broom Adjuster Handle: This new unique feature allows the operator to adjust the broom by means of a hand grip lever. No tools are required, and the lever is external. This allows for a user friendly and safe machine. This innovation makes it easier and faster to adjust the broom and makes replacing a broom significantly easier, this will greatly reduce any down time on site.


  • Under Carriage Design: The under carriage is designed for smooth broom rotation, by means of shock absorbers fitted on both sides of machine, in addition it enables the broom the ability to contour uneven ground,


  • Hydraulic Motor Door:5mm steel door, to protect hydraulic motor, from kerbing walls etc. Eliminating unnecessary expense.


  • Debris Container: New larger debris container with heavy duty steel edge.

Price Enquiry

Model 500 – 2.2m sweeping width 400 litre collecting capacity

ModelUnladden weightWater tanks fullDebris container filled (sand)
500 including water tanks570kgs (1254lbs)720kgs (1587lbs)960kgs (2116lbs)
Including side brush & Water system 620kgs (1364lbs)770kgs (1694lbs)1010kgs (2222lbs)
Including Power pack and water system 570kgs (1254lbs) 820kgs (1804lbs)1060kgs (2332lbs)
Including Power pack, side brush and water system720kgs (1584lbs)870kgs (1914lbs)1110kgs (2442lbs

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