900 – Large Yard Sweeper


  • Collects as it sweeps.
  • Quick and easy method of attachment.
  • Robust  design.
  • Permanently on site ready for instant use.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
  • Various attachments available.

The Model 900 is the largest machine in our range of sweeper collectors. Its boasts heavy duty kingpins and wheels and a collection capacity to match, making it ideally suited for larger sites and material handlers. Tire options are available from solid to pneumatic or foam filled.

Due to its size, the 900 is ideal for large areas such as concrete facilities, docks / ports, aggregate quarries etc. The fork pockets will handle forks measuring 2100mm x 750mm. All features and optional attachments can also be fitted to this machine including water system, side kerb brush and power packs.

Price Enquiry

Model 900, 2.4m sweeping width 900 litre collecting capacity

ModelUnladden weightWater tanks fullDebris container filled (sand)
Model900 including water tanks1100kgs (2420lbs)1250kgs 2750(lbs)1675kgs (3685lbs)
Including side brush & Water system1150kgs (2530lbs)1300kgs (2860lbs)1725kgs (3795lbs)
Including Power pack and water system1200kgs (2640lbs)1350kgs (2970lbs)1775kgs (3905lbs)
Including Power pack, side brush and water system1250kgs (2750lbs)1400kgs (3080lbs)1825kgs (4015lbs)

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