RT800 – Heavy Duty Yard Sweeper


  • Collects as it sweeps.
  • Large Debris Capacity
  • Quick and easy method of attachment.
  • Robust design.
  • Permanently on site ready for instant use.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
  • Various attachments available.

The RT800 is a huge step forward in sweeping for road contractors.

By utilizing the standard 3 point linkage, common to all makes and models of tractors, the RT800 is easily attached to the rear of the tractor.

Powered by the tractors hydraulics, the RT800 can quickly sweep and collect rubble and debris from roadways, yards and highways where dust and debris is a problem.

It is a massive 2.4 meters (7’ 10”) in sweeping width, and has a collection capacity of 800 litres.

There are two water options available, one being a gravity fed dust suppression system, and the other is a high pressure washer facility, including lance.

This is a totally new development, and now allows for the user to wash road signs, spillages, cones, machinery etc.

Price Enquiry

ModelUnladden weightWater tanks fullDebris container filled (sand)
Model RT800 including water tank1100kgs (2420lbs)1250kgs 2750(lbs)1675kgs (3685lbs)
Including Water system1150kgs (2530lbs)1300kgs (2860lbs)1725kgs (3795lbs)
Including Power Washer1200kgs (2640lbs)1350kgs (2970lbs)1775kgs (3905lbs)

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